Why Little Octopus?

cropped-tighter.jpgI get this question a lot: how did you choose the name of your consulting business?

When it came to select a name, I wanted to pick something that was 1) illustrative of my playful and creative personality, and 2) held some personal significance and meaning. After some hemming and hawing, I arrived at Little Octopus LLC.

Here is what that name means to me:

In the past few years, there has been a NICU trend where volunteers crochet octopi for preterm newborns’ comfort. The octopi’s tentacles mimic the feel of umbilical cords which can help premature babies feel more secure in their new environment.

Because my twin daughters were born three months early, little octopi like these were  their first developmental toys. Therefore, my business name choice is a tribute to both of my daughters as well as all of the people working to improve the quality of lives of at-risk children and their families.

Check out an excellent CNN article about this sweet trend.

If you are a crafty person with a big heart that would love to make and donate octopi to your local NICU, here is a free pattern by Handy Little Me.

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